Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1) - Jamie McGuire I'm really torn about what I think about this book. I started it and couldn't stand what I was reading, and I seemed to be rolling my eyes at every other sentence. I just found it to be completely absurd, and almost stopped reading altogether.

The characters seemed ridiculous. Travis was much too possessive, and I was constantly thinking Abby, what on earth are you DOING, being with a guy like that?! He didn't let her live her own life, he wouldn't let her make her own decisions, and he literally threw a tantrum if he didn't get his own way. And Abby, well, she seemed really quite flat. She was nothing like the synopsis leads us to believe, either.

But despite this, I must admit there were moments when I didn't blindly hate what I was reading. Guess I'm just drawn into the dramatic plots. It became kind of a guilty pleasure at times because I did quite like the dramatic turns of their (very unhealthy) relationship when they were thrown into different situations.

The ending almost threw me right down into giving this a 1 star review though. I HATE the ending. It's so cheesy and pathetic, the whole Vegas thing was just... and the tattoo thing... pfft, what on earth happened there?! The rest though, based on the goodreads star rating system, was simply... okay. So, I guess it's getting 2 stars from me after all.